Out of the Abyss

I'm asleep *fake snoring noises* - Session 5

Wherein go the write ups and any planning you wish to make


((Sorry, forgot to note down a few names as I had them in my FG notes and not the ones in my notebook!))

From Valarn’s Journal

Gracklstugh, The Underdark. Not sure what day, but it’s definitely a full moon.

Lutharius seemed strangely distracted today, I wonder what the matter is? It’s hard to tell with these tieflings. Although I should say “This tiefling” as he’s the only one I’ve met so far. And people say they’re half demon but he didn’t have that much in common with the big demon who came out of the Darklake.

We had a bit of a discussion about how to approach the looming dwarven town. Buppido said we should dock at a disused wharf as the dwarves may capture us. But we’re honest people and they’re traders, so what could go wrong?

The discussion got slightly heated, and then things went a bit odd on the boat. Buppido screamed about Topsy and Turvy being were creatures, stabbed them in the stomach and jumped off the boat. I caught him with my web spell, and he gibbered about being the incarnation of some derro god or other. I thought he was a nice fellow, so I was a bit disappointed to discover that he is as barkingly insane as some of our other fellow travellers.

We weren’t sure what to do with him, and sure enough, T and T were busy turning into Wererats which distracted me. Raethios was unusually arguing for clemency, while Darren wasn’t sure and Lutharius was oddly silent. Morric was leaning towards execution and obviously the gnomes wanted to kill him as he’d just slitted their bellies open. Although they’d healed nicely thanks to Darren and their natural regenerative skills, being half gnome half rat. When I looked back I realised that my concentration on my web spell had dropped anyway making the discussion moot as Buppido had fallen into the water of the lake, not to be seen again. I wonder if he’s all right? Probably not. If he’s really a god he will be I suppose. But that seems unlikely.

We decided to moor at the regular docks and sure enough, were immediately taken to jail. Well, to talk to the Duergar captain who now wants us to perform a couple of tasks for her or we’ll be sold into slavery. But they put us in a jail first which didn’t seem very friendly as we’re new here and you’d think they’d want to make a good impression. They did leave us with all our stuff though. I now have a thing about jail cells, it’s official. I really hate them. Jimjar and the others went to an inn called Golborn’s Lair to wait for us in the meantime, I think it’s a bit unfair that they didn’t get arrested too. But I shouldn’t think like that, at least not all of us were.

Back to the captain’s tasks. Apparently they’re very proud of their cultural identity and there are dwarves in the market who are ripping off their own kind! Who would do that? Well, we’re supposed to look into it. And also there’s some Derro or other who’s causing mischief who we’re supposed to bring to justice. I suppose as she’s the captain of the guard she must be right. I imagine that only someone with impeccable morals could rise that high in her organisation.

We then met a duergar trader called Ylsa who showed us a chest full of jewels and coins from the surface world and said there was more and more of this about. Raethios seemed particularly impressed by this. We all were in fact, so we sold the boats and goods to her (although she can’t pick them up til tomorrow as the two ratgnomes are hiding on them but will change back soon).

When we got back to the inn, Jimjar seemed annoyed about the amount of money we got for the boats although Ront and the others didn’t mind too much.

I had a bath! Oh my goodness, it felt so good. I couldn’t believe it. I was just drying off, when I saw a 2 headed giant rampaged into the square outside! He was totally out of control, and seemed oddly enraged, we didn’t think he was quite himself.

I’ve never seen a giant with two heads. Or one, really, but two? That was impressive so I got a bit closer to look. I wondered if it was a show that they put on from time to time. But apparently not – there was a fight going on, and we decided to help the duergar who were attacking it. When I say trying, it reminded me of the ancient Halfling sport of golf, as the giant was whacking them into the lake with remarkable frequency. I attempted a new spell that I’ve just learned and made the giant believe that he had bags over his heads. This blinded all 4 of his eyes, and the rest of us managed to subdue it. Morric finally knocked him out, phew.

Another giant approached, and apparently there’s a whole colony of them here! As we’d subdued the double header, he invited us to Cairngorm Crags where they all live, to meet their leader.

What a fascinating town Gracklstugh is! The Duergar have hollowed out massive stalagmites and live in them. The atmosphere is a bit rich though, and a number of us were feeling exhausted breathing the clotted air around here. Not me or Guano luckily. As we walked through the market again we witnessed the bustle of dwarf traders. This time I was able to take in my surroundings. The market is mostly for weapons and armour, although I did manage to buy some spell components including a pearl so that I can identify things which is pretty useful.

Cairngorm is a library the like of which I’ve never seen! Giant books, bigger than me. I wish I had time to read them all, although the Stone Speaker said I could come back any time for research. Hurrah! He also gave me a crystal that helps to speak to things – plants, animals and even the dead, wow, what a great gift. I wish I had something for him.

When we left we went to the Derro area, where we asked about our target. He’s a fast little guy apparently, a “Bag Man” of sorts. We then got into a fight but luckily I was able to put most of the derro attackers to sleep. Well, all but one and I suggested to him that he pretend to be asleep too. So he did. We’re now following the derro footprints to find the one the captain wants…


Well I am having a change in my work schedule. The short of it is that I will now be getting off work at 5:00 pm pst on Wednesdays. As a result I would not be able to get on till about an hour and a half into the game as it stands now. Not sure if that would make it worth it to keep going or what.


That’s annoying – personally I’d rather not start any later as it’s already midnight my time when we get going, and 4am when we finish. Although Valarn without Darren to occasionally talk sense into him is a scary idea!


That’s a bummer! Just tossing this out there would a change of meeting day be ameanable to others and solve scheduling?


I could do Sunday, Monday or (possibly) Thursday if we’re changing days.


Sunday or Thursday would work for me.


Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make this Wednesday night. It’s my wife’s birthday. As a regular absent minded guy, I missed that when I wrote my note last week. I have checked my schedule and I don’t see any problems with Wednesday nights until near the holidays. I’d like to apologize for missing two weeks in a row. I now how much time is put in by everyone, especially the DM and how disruptive it can be when a player misses sessions.

As far as moving to a different day, I wouldn’t be able to make Sundays. Mondays would be the best, but I could do Thursdays, though I may have to miss a Thursday here or there as I end up being busier on that day.


I would be able to do Sundays but the rest of the week is out. I already have a game Saturday afternoons and the rest of the week I get off at 5:00 PST. I understand if it means I have to drop out. It was fun but life happens.


Can you make this Wednesday djacob, or has your schedule change already happened?


Seeing we are going to be down at least two people Wednesday lets call this forthcoming Wednesday off and talk about if a Sunday move works or if not pick back up on the 10th of August.


Should we have a scheduling meeting at the usual time on Wednesday, instead of the game?


The only day that I don’t have any games is on a Friday. I even have two games on Sunday, a morning session and an afternoon/evening one.

I’m afraid if this game got moved to any day other than Friday then it would unfortunately exclude me.


Hmm, I guess there’s no point in a virtual meeting tonight. If Sunday’s out as Jerric and Irondogs can’t do Sundays…


Been meaning to reply to this thread. Was super busy with work and every time I got a chance I would forget. I cannot do Sunday’s. With being a family man, weekends are typically reserved for family stuff with wife and kids. I could do pretty much any other day of the week mon – thurs at the same times as current game.


Really hope we can figure something out that works best for everyone!


OK I also meant to reply earlier but got some news about having to move because my landlady is selling the place I live in (so that will be a joy and I will try to minimize and scheduling issues.

On that topic it appears—having to make the tough call we’ll just stick with our current day and time of Wednesday. Now that does not mean I’m kicking you out djacob1991! On the contrary I give no fucks if you’d be joining at 8:30 and would be happy to fold you in on arrival time. If that works for you cool, if not, no harm and honestly I can’t express how big a contribution you make to the table. So it’s your call man.


I am cool with djacob joining late if it means we can keep the group the way it is, and not lose anyone


Yeah I hate to loose anyone in the group. I really enjoy playing with all of you guys. djacob, if you want to just come in later in the session that would be fine by me.


Likewise, that sounds fine by me if it’s all right with you djacob.

If you can put up with missing the first hour and a half, I’m sure we can catch you up.


Thoringard, did you ever manage to get your narrative in order from the last session?

I know things have gone a little awry but it would still be good to have your notes for the record.

I really enjoy Valarn’s write-ups as well, but he is a little A.D.O.L. at times.


I have all the notes but haven’t posted yet. I was on vacation last week so been a little disorganized. I’ll get it together and post later today


ADOL = Attention Deficit oh look a butterfly


Guys I’m incredible sorry for his late notice but I have to cancel tonight’s session. As I mentioned earlier in the thread I have to move from my current location and my girl scheduled some home viewings for tonight.

Let’s plan on picking up 8/17.

I know how frustrating this is and I can’t apologize enough.


Shame! Looking forward to next week.

I can’t believe that Jerric thinks that Valarn is Attention Deficit. The injustice!


I hope you found a good new place to live Julio. Above ground no doubt?


I’ve lived in a basement apartment before. It’s not so bad though if you happen to work night shift, which I did at the time. Only had two small windows which could be easily covered to keep the sunlight out and there was less outside noises coming in to disturb my sleep.

Either way as long as their is a roof over your head and internet access then all is good. And, yes, good luck with your move I hope it goes smoothly for you. Don’t apologize, just get yourself taken care of and let us know when we are good to go.


I was referring to not living in the Underdark really :)


You do understand that Julio is not a drow IRL right :?


I’ve been called Drowish :p

The search continues but we are still on this evening. See you then!


There’s plenty of other denizens of the underdark too. Derros, Duergar, Deep Gnomes, Darkmantles, Drow… anyone else see a pattern here? Seems like Dungeonmasters would fit right in!

Looking forward to tonight’s game.


Is it worth someone sending Darren/Djacob a message on the Fantasy Grounds message board to see if he’s coming back? If not, maybe we could find someone else to play Darren, preferably, or another healer if not?


If we get a new character, maybe they could play as Flumfy Flumph? maybe he’s a cleric, ja?

Flumphs are a playable race using this…!


gagsmith gagsmith

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