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Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

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Valarn’s Journal

Same Day/Night/Whatever

Gracklestugh West Caverns, Home of the Derro

We saw Droki! He looks like an interesting character. He had a hat that looked like floppy rabbit ears and was gabbling in a way that seemed familiar. He clicked his heels together and sped off really fast.
I don’t think he wanted us to catch him.

Guano chased him, I think my little batty friend sees him as a kindred spirit for some reason. We ate toadstools and went all small, then because the toadstools were the same size as us now we were attacked by swarms of centipedes and spiders and Raethios went big to stomp on them. Meanwhile Morric was heading north to see what was going on and when he got back he said he’d met something strange that resembled a shoddy orc. He killed it.

There were so many corridors and caves! But when I teleported ahead I met a new friend, Flumfy Flumph. He’s really nice, although come to think of it he might be a she. He’s like a floating land jelly fish, but way cuter than that would be.

Guano by now had lost Droki as he was so fast, and then Flumfy suggested that we go to the top of this amazing mesa. Morric scouted it and then I went up there and I could hear the whole of Gracklestugh! Stone giants, duergar, derro, I could even hear Droki, so we set off in his direction. I thought we should go back but Lutharius said he thought the Derro had moved on through another little tunnel. We tracked him and Lutharius was right. So we went small again.

Then I made the corridor look like the corridor except without us in it so that some mushroom men couldn’t see us and we made our way to a huge cavern.

There was a Death Dog, Derro cultists invoking Demogorgon and a big two headed giant again. And Droki! But he ran off, although Guano is after him again. Lutharius scared the big giant stiff, which I had seen in a dream last night, come to think of it. And the cultist high priest went invisible. How annoying! How to find a crazed invisible Derro I wonder? Hmmm…

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

According to Morric’s assessment we still have:
One; terrified and immobile albeit a potential very big, angry two-headed killing machine.
One; invisible priest who may or may not be sleeping and who may or may not still be in the room with us as well.
At least Two or Three; sleeping derro who could potentially rejoin the fight in as few as 2 or 3 rounds.
It seems that this battle could still turn around and blow up in our faces.

We should at least eliminate the sleeping derro while we have the chance. Cut their throats while they are sleeping.

Then if our giantess friend is still pissing herself, maybe we can focus on determining if the priest is sleeping nearby or still lurking about. A Detect Magic spell over the room might produce some results. Or perhaps some other sort of detect spells or even just a really good Perception check to listen for noises i.e. snoring, breathing, foot steps, etc. Just stay out of the magic circle as we just witnessed our friend lose his hearing when he entered it.

I have no doubt that this group could easily slay the giantess if that is what is going to happen, but I am a little afraid of what might happen if there are a bunch of derro at our backs while that is going down.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

Detect magic specifically only works on visible targets, sadly. But otherwise I agree. I can actually bring back Guano from shadowing Droki if all else fails, he has 60’ blindsight from sonar which should spot the priest.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

Here are some thoughts about Blindsight vs Invisibility:


Although I don’t really want to call Guano off his shadowing task.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

I’ve been trying to recruit a Darren replacement, as he isn’t coming back. I messaged him on FG to be clear and he said he’d rather drop out as he can’t play whole sessions.

BUT I think maybe we should try just 4 PCs? I’ve done a bit of research, and it seems that this adventure is fine with 4 players. I looked at the official stream game and that has 4.

We have some healing with paladin and ranger spells at least. And the NPCs can help out. What does everyone think?

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6
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