Out of the Abyss

I left Gracklestugh and All I got was this lousy glass eye - Session 7

Recaps and planning

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 6

Where your planning and recaps go

I'm asleep *fake snoring noises* - Session 5

Wherein go the write ups and any planning you wish to make

Through the Darkmantles - Session 4

Sorry if the session dragged a bit, the nature of sandbox adventures sometimes lulls occur. Hope you had fun. Please put any preparations or questions you’d like here before next session. Thanks!

That's not good - Session 3

Here will be notes for session the third and plans for next session.

I will lay out the specifics of Darklake travel when I get home this evening.

It's Good on Toast - Session 2

Herein you can enter your summaries and make plans for next session. Had a lot of fun. I learned:

  1. Unless they have the drop on you Oche Jellies suck
  2. Unless you are the top Gnoll, you also suck
  3. Meat Shield Ront isn’t bad at killing things
Velkynvelve Epilogue

Apologies, this is a big info dump for stuff I should have given you last session but time got away from me.


As the last of you drops into the pool below, Ilvara Mizzrym lets loose a bowel curdling howl vowing to track you down and sell you all!

Your pursuit level is 4. At 5 they catch up to you.
You will have to decide at what pace to proceed at (fast, normal or slow – the quoted travel times assume a normal pace)

Underdark Travel Pace

Fast 8 miles per day -5 penalty to passive Wisdom (Perception) scores, no foraging
Normal 6 miles per day
Slow 4 miles per day Improved foraging or able to use Stealth

Please let me know how you will proceed

The Chest

You threw it down into the pool and it landed on the Grey Ooze below! Thankfully it was knocked unconscious by the poison tipped trap on the lock, and the fall was enough to crack the chest open, without spilling any contents.

Included you items, the NPCs also gain their starting equipment and you also find within:

  • A silver chain headdress set with small onyx stones (50 GP)
  • A drawstring bag with 2 potions of healing within
  • A small leather purse with 24 GP, 30 SP, and a small moonstone (20 GP)
  • A spell component pouch

Please remind me to throw these on your party funds

Marching Order

I’ll need a marching order for single file and two abreast.

I think that’s it, as always let me know if any questions.

Leaving Velkynvelve

The characters have three choices for leaving Velkynvelve: the north, west, and south passages.

North Passage
Menzoberranzan and, eventually, Blingdenstone (see chapter 6). Most of the characters’ fellow prisoners discourage travel toward the drow city… 26 days plus 8 to Blingdenstone

West Passage
This leads most directly toward the Darklake 8 days

South Passage
This leads toward the duergar city of Gracklstugh, following a south-westerly route. 28 days

If I recall correctly I think the consensus was the Darklake but correct me if I’m wrong.

Velkynvelve NPCs

Here is the previously promised list of NPCs. If anyone is interested in doing session write ups please reach out to me, I have the memory of a goldfish and it would be helpful to remember who lit who one fire and who tried to cut who’s throat :P (The Chronicler would receive a 10% XP bonus as incentive, first one to reach out and it’s yours)


Buppido mustachioed derro
Prince Derendil Quaggoth who claims to be a cursed elf prince
Eldeth Feldrun Shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym
Jimjar Deep gnome with a gambling problem
Ront Orc bully
Sarith Kzekarit
Shuushar the Awakened Kuo-toa hermit and mystic
Stool Myconid sprout
Topsy and Turvy Deep gnome weirdo brothers


Ilvara Mizzrym Drow commander of the outpost
Asha Vandree
Shoor Vandree Drow warrior. Ilvara’s lieutenant and lover

Closing In!

Just under a week away! If you have any questions or need help with Character Creation don’t hesitate to reach out!


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