Out of the Abyss

Fellow Inmates

I’ll list here the your fellow PCs names and classes. You’ll obviously get to know each other in play. I should note there are also many other NPC in the same cell. They will be the topic of another post.

Valarn Carricad High Elf Wizard (played by Fazakerley)

Lutharius Tiefling Rogue/Paladin (played by Irondog)

Morric Half Elf Rogue (played by Jerric)

Darren Half Elf Fighter/War Cleric (played by djacob91)

Raethios Whisperleaf Wood Elf Ranger (played by thoringard)

Very solid crew! Looking forward to playing with you guys

Character Creation

With regard to character creation:

  • Ability Scores are Point Buy, or online roll 4d6 drop lowest
  • Starting Level
  • Anything out of Player’s Handbook is obviously open.
  • Any non evil alignment
  • No 3rd party material
  • Other Wizard supplements (UA, Sword Coast, Elemental Evil Player’s Guide, etc) subject to approval

The set up for the campaign (I think) works best if you, the PCs, don’t have a background knowing each other.

The following options are available:


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