Out of the Abyss

Velkynvelve NPCs

Here is the previously promised list of NPCs. If anyone is interested in doing session write ups please reach out to me, I have the memory of a goldfish and it would be helpful to remember who lit who one fire and who tried to cut who’s throat :P (The Chronicler would receive a 10% XP bonus as incentive, first one to reach out and it’s yours)


Buppido mustachioed derro
Prince Derendil Quaggoth who claims to be a cursed elf prince
Eldeth Feldrun Shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym
Jimjar Deep gnome with a gambling problem
Ront Orc bully
Sarith Kzekarit
Shuushar the Awakened Kuo-toa hermit and mystic
Stool Myconid sprout
Topsy and Turvy Deep gnome weirdo brothers


Ilvara Mizzrym Drow commander of the outpost
Asha Vandree
Shoor Vandree Drow warrior. Ilvara’s lieutenant and lover


are you talking about combat specific logs? i usually try to keep notes, but not related to combat actions. I can give it a shot though i suppose.

why are topsy and turvy crossed out? did they die? I remember Ahsa, just because assassination was so clunky :D

Velkynvelve NPCs

No combat logs needed I gave bad examples. More like narrative recaps, and reminders like the one you provided about Topsy and Turvy who I forgot were not left in the jail.

Consider yourself hired sir!

The bonus XP is retroactive, pending your posted recap here. Really appreciate it!

Velkynvelve NPCs

ok – ill give it a shot, but if anyone else is interested, i am more than happy to pass the torch.

Velkynvelve NPCs

Thoringard, I read your synopsis. That is pretty much how I remember it. I think Gags got the right man for the job.

Velkynvelve NPCs
gagsmith gagsmith

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