Out of the Abyss

Velkynvelve Epilogue

Apologies, this is a big info dump for stuff I should have given you last session but time got away from me.


As the last of you drops into the pool below, Ilvara Mizzrym lets loose a bowel curdling howl vowing to track you down and sell you all!

Your pursuit level is 4. At 5 they catch up to you.
You will have to decide at what pace to proceed at (fast, normal or slow – the quoted travel times assume a normal pace)

Underdark Travel Pace

Fast 8 miles per day -5 penalty to passive Wisdom (Perception) scores, no foraging
Normal 6 miles per day
Slow 4 miles per day Improved foraging or able to use Stealth

Please let me know how you will proceed

The Chest

You threw it down into the pool and it landed on the Grey Ooze below! Thankfully it was knocked unconscious by the poison tipped trap on the lock, and the fall was enough to crack the chest open, without spilling any contents.

Included you items, the NPCs also gain their starting equipment and you also find within:

  • A silver chain headdress set with small onyx stones (50 GP)
  • A drawstring bag with 2 potions of healing within
  • A small leather purse with 24 GP, 30 SP, and a small moonstone (20 GP)
  • A spell component pouch

Please remind me to throw these on your party funds

Marching Order

I’ll need a marching order for single file and two abreast.

I think that’s it, as always let me know if any questions.


Travel Pace: I think traveling fast is the worst decision we could make. Sacrificing perception checks in an environment as hostile and alien as the underdark would certainly seal our doom. Even if we got out of the frying pan we would soon find ourselves in the fire.

On the contrary I think we should be as stealthy as possible. Yes, our pursuers will catch up with us. That is inevitable either way. If we are stealthy and alert enough at least we might be able to meet them on a piece of ground of our own choosing.

Fortunate about the Ooze. I would like to be able to identify that headdress before we go dropping it on some merchant. Valarn do you have an identify spell?

A marching order is something we will have to set up once we are back in game. Julio, you will need to drag our tokens on to the party sheet and there we can arrange them into marching order. Yes, now that we are on the move that should be one of the first orders of business when we resume.

Velkynvelve Epilogue

I can navigate if needed. Raethios comes down to the underdark relatively frequently on his various treasure hunts and is well acquainted with navigating it’s dark tunnels.

Velkynvelve Epilogue

I think that for the first day or two we should travel at a medium pace. If only to give us a bit of breathing room. After that, I agree with the idea of traveling cautiously. If the under dark follows the same idea as in the Drizzit novels then it can certainly be harsh but I am hesitant to face a drow priestess at only level 2.

Velkynvelve Epilogue

I’m actually kicking myself a bit for not pushing in favor of taking this priestess out before we left in the first place. I don’t like the idea of having her and her guards at our backs. But even more so I really hate the idea of keeping the chase going only to find that she catches us from the back just as we encounter a goblin horde from the front.

I’m in favor of finding a good ambush spot and waiting for the hunting party to arrive. Having seen the hubris of the drow first hand, especially the female, Morric is betting that they will not bring a large party. Not at first at least.

Also, they will be expecting us to be running like the cowardly, mindless, animals they believe us to be. And if we can succeed in getting the surprise attack and focus all of our attention on the priestess first then I think we stand a chance of success. I for one will breath a bit easier for a while knowing that she is not closing in on us every step of the way.

Velkynvelve Epilogue
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