Out of the Abyss

Through the Darkmantles - Session 4

Sorry if the session dragged a bit, the nature of sandbox adventures sometimes lulls occur. Hope you had fun. Please put any preparations or questions you’d like here before next session. Thanks!


We never did search the area after the fight. It was getting late and Julio, understandably, had to go. We nearly run aground on some kind of makeshift dams that was put there intentionally to trap boats traveling through the area. It is possible that these may have succeeded in their purpose in the past. Consequently, if a boat or two has run aground in the past they may have inadvertently deposited some treasure there.

These darkmantles are obviously intelligent enough to set traps, very well constructed ones at that, to catch their prey. However, they don’t strike me as the type of creature that would have any use for shiny gems or coins or have any use for any fine weapons or armor. Perhaps there are some goods left to be found on or around these makeshift dams.

Well, if most of the dark mantle that are relatively close, we can look at looting the dam. I would be hesitant if there are still a bunch of them above us. As far as actually looting goes, I think that we could tie off the boats to the dam and that should allow us to jump over and back or set up a plank or something. Also Valarn has mage hand if I remember correctly, he could just use it to pick up smaller stuff.


not to mention all the other nasties in the darklake waters…


Day 1
Raethios forages 7lbs of food
Going at a normal pace

Day 2
See an island
There is fire lechen (type of fungus)
Hear a woman calling out for help
We all try to sneak in and see a shack
She asks who is there
Valarn sends bat Guano to investigate
Looks like its made out of zircwood.
Roof is thatched with Lechen.

Valarn mage-hands door open and guano sees woman laying on the ground and says please help
Lutharius goes to doorway. Uses divine sense and detects fey. He starts to back away. She says “no.. Don’t leave us”.

He sees her true form as a green hag
We battle – no one gets hurt and we kill her easily
Morric checks the chest for traps, none found

Find 12 deep blue quartz gems

Raethios and Valarn check for anything hidden
We take the treasure and forage a bunch of 50lbs of fire lechen
Darren casts sacred flame in the geyser and cinges his beard.
We take a long rest on the island and decide to take watches.
No incident overnight.

Day 3 & Day 4
No incident.
Gather 5lbs the 3rd day.
Gather 9lbs the 4th day

Day 5
Coming up on a curve in the path and see a disturbance in the water. Aquatic troll emerges and begins pulling at valarn and morrics boat.
Valarn casts web and sticks our boats together
Defeat relatively easily and no damage to party
Raethios forages 9lbs of food.

Day 6
Forage 5lbs of food
The waters are especially turbulent and there is some swirly motions coming from the rapids. Hard to maintain control and the boats take bludgeoning damage. A water weird appears.
We defeat it easily with no casualties.

Day 7
No incident
forages 5lbs of food

Day 8
forages 8lbs of food
We come upon a waterfall in front of us with no other passages. Darren asks shushar and he says there is lock we can use.
Duergar makes himself visible to Valarn who begins to converse with him
He doesn’t seem particularly interested in helping us or letting us pass
We make a deal with the duergar and give them a tourmaline gem worth 100gp to pay for passage.

We also trade 25lbs of fire lechen for 1000lbs of unfinished ore.
We give them 10 blue gems for some information on threats ahead. They tell us there is a cavern 2 days up ahead with dark mantles. The basically flip us off and tell us to go fly a kite as we leave. Valarn returns the gesture.

We rig up some netting and tarpolines over the boats

Day 9
No incident
Raethios forages 10lbs of food

Day 10
Run into 6 darkmantles.
One attaches to morric
One attaches to Darren
One attaches to Ront
Ront gets pretty wounded
Morric begins trying not to stab himself while attacking the darkmantle
Raethios tells morris to hold really still as he expertly shoots one off morrics face

Session end
940 XP


In answer to the mage hand query, it’ll only lift 10 pounds. So it’s good for opening doors and setting off traps, but not so much for dredging around in a lake!


Every battle we fight and every break we take brings the drow that much closer to us. i am ok with quickly searching the area, but we may not want to spend too much time on it… just a thought.


Valarn’s Journal

That was rather unfortunate. Due to the danger of death and dismemberment, the party decided that it was imprudent to hang around and study the demon Deep Father. A real chance of knowledge lost, most importune. But I suppose I can see their point, what use are even the most copious researches when everyone is dead? There’s no guarantee anyone else will find them.

The next day
The good ship Keelboat

We came across an island today with a volcano. It was covered in this red glowing lichen which, we were told, the Duergar used to spice up their food. So we decided to harvest some for our imminent visit to their capital.

When we arrived, we noticed a strange shed, from which we heard a plaintive call. Perhaps a woman begging for help? Lutharius and I decided to investigate. Him because he’s good, and he’s always helping the needy and helpless. Me because it was a thing to investigate. What’s not to like about that?

After a quick scout from Guano who saw nothing (he’s blind as a bat after all) I reached forth with my eldritch sensibilities, made flesh with the power of my mind… and opened the shed door using mage hand. The form of a comely maiden lay, stretched out on the floor of the shed, pleading for help. Most strange as she wasn’t restrained in any way and the shed wasn’t even locked. Some people just refuse to help themselves, I thought.

But wait! It turned out that she was a green hag, who was using this beauteous image to lure us in! Fiendish. We managed to dispatch her and discovered a scroll among other treasures – Melf’s Acid Arrow. I’ve scribed it into my book. It could turn out to be useful. Lutharius thought he heard another woman begging from help from within the volcano, but when we checked we couldn’t find anything. Perhaps they were her death throes and she was burned up at the very moment that we arrived to save her. How tragic! Alternatively, he was just hearing things. I fervently hope the latter option is the true one. Either way, Darren lost an eyebrow investigating the volcano which is a shame. I hope it grows back straight and the same colour as the other one.

We’ve harvested a fair bit of the fiery lichen and even made a made a chill con calamari tonight to try it out. Very tasty.

A few days later
The Darklake, on a Keelboat with Morric and Ront, among others

The acid arrow spell proved very useful today! Who knew that there were underwater trolls? Apparently there are. I don’t have my troll notes with me from Monsters 101, but I’m pretty sure that Professor Fwingle didn’t mention the aquatic variety.

I managed to burn him with my new spell and the others finished him off. The killing blow went to Lutharius, a fact I had strangely foreseen in a dream the night before. Most odd. Raethios got back to his fishing immediately after the excitement, he’s been doing a sterling job keeping us all in the little tasty white fish.

The Next Day

Still on the Dark Lake

Water Weird! Like a creature made of living water. Completely, not just the overwhelming amount in an elf or human, I mean. It was pretty strange, but it died fairly easily. It did manage to damage the boats a bit before its fate though. I wonder if they’re rare?

Two Days Later

Darklake again

Our first Duergar! A friendly bunch. They seem to have different customs to us, they grimaced a lot and huffed and puffed when it was obvious that they meant to smile and laugh. They also have an odd way of saying goodbye which involves finger gestures, which when reciprocated mean that one of their friends appears to say “Leave it! He’s not worth it!” Pretty strange, but I suppose it’s a bit boring down here so you have to find ways to amuse yourself.

They were lock keepers and so we managed to get our boats on to the next part of the journey for a small fee. They also told us about some strange monsters ahead, the Darkmantles, who plunge down from above and are rather nasty. I suggested that we build shelters with tarpaulins and nets so that they couldn’t land on our heads which the Duergar said was their favourite attack.

2 days later again

The Darklake

We found the darkmantles! They’d built a barricade in their cave which luckily we saw. And, as promised by the duergar, they like to attach to people’s faces. But it’s apparently pretty painful when they do that though. We killed the ones that landed on our boats – they had a way of floating around which was pretty impressive. As was Morric stabbing himself repeatedly in the face to get one off. It finally died when Raethios shot it from the other boat. Nice shot sir. But they almost killed Ront! Luckily Morric saved him by stabbing him in the face as well.

We’re all still alive, and the flora and fauna down here is so odd that it’s overwhelming. I have no idea how many books and papers I could already write.


I should have pointed out – I didn’t think the session dragged at all (unlike Valarn’s journal). No lulls!


agree. it was fun. especially glad i didn’t shoot morric in the face :D


I’m also glad you didn’t shoot morric in the face.

And at no time did I think the session was boring. I have been having a great time and I foresee myself continuing to have a great time the way things are going.

I am perhaps only slightly disappointed, but in a light hearted way, that we didn’t get that extra 45 exp. we needed to lvl. But these things do happen and I’m sure we’ll pick it up soon enough.

You’re doing a find job Julio. Thanks.


Well, it’s not a pan flute but it’s close anyway.


or even better:



lol. since were sharing videos.. always thought this one was hilarious



Sorry to say but I am not going to be able to make this Wednesday’s game. It’s my anniversary. I don’t have an issue with someone else playing my character for the day. I will be able to play on August 3rd. Good luck


Have a great evening Irondogs.


Thanks for the heads up Irondog! Have fun.

Those are great music links!

And thanks for the write ups guys. Glad you guys are having a good time.


Show the little lady a good time irondogs. We will see you next time.


Where is…

Session 5: Attack of the Teletubbies?

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