Out of the Abyss

That's not good - Session 3

Here will be notes for session the third and plans for next session.

I will lay out the specifics of Darklake travel when I get home this evening.


Day 6
Travelling at a normal pace

Day 7
Travelling at a normal pace

Shushar says we are a day away from sloopidoop
Cavern walls get moister supposedly because of proximity of darklake
Tunnel goes from a 2-man wide to a bigger cavern area, maybe 100′×100′

Buppido says there is lots of construction and industrialization in gracklstuh and it would be hard for surface dwellers to breathe the air because of pollution

The other NPC surface dwellers are feeling the effects of the underdark especially bad, like ront and eldeth, morale is becoming affected
Jimjar is upbeat
Topsy & turvy have not engaged anyone. Talk amongst themselves.
Shushar would engage any one of us if we are so inclined

Halfway through the day we encounter a rocktopus that grabs shroom and begins to slink across the ceiling
Valarn webs him to prevent him from escaping and we defeat it fairly easily with no casualties
Scavenge 32lbs of food from rocktopus but take an hour doing so

**Decide to up travel to a fast pace to make up for lost time

Valarns bat guano scouts ahead to look for other threats, nothing found
Reach cavern and run into 9 kua-toa who are scouting the area
Valarn and Lutharius attempt to persuade them that ‘we come in peace’ but they apparentl don’t care and say we are going to be ‘offerings’
Raethios attempts to shoot an arrow between the Kua-toa Monitor’s feet to scare him but misses and hits him in the knee instead
Battle ensues… Ront helps out again (thanks ront). Morric gets the surprise on one of them. We defeat half of them
Valarn disguises as the Kua-toa Monitor and gets the other half to surrender

Another party of kua-toa show up and straight-up execute the remaining kua-toa
Shushar identifies the leader as the village ‘elder’ before he left
Asks for our help. Says the Kua-toa are split into 2 factions. One following the ‘great mother’ and the other following the ‘deep father’
Says he can give us 2 keel boats and some treasure – 3 poitions, scroll, and pearl necklace
Agree to help kua-toa overthrow his daughter and act as ‘offerings’. Will attack on his signal.

We take a long rest first to gather our strength.

Day 8
He leads us through the village to a statue, idol for the great mother, in the middle of town near the docks where offerings are made. 4 kua-toa circle it. Other kua-toa bow near and chant. Another 8-10 circle around chanting. He shows us the hut where our treasure is kept that we can get after helping him.

Lutharius has a bad feeling and checks for any signs of evil in the area. He gets a sense of a demon in the direction of the darklake, but nothing more.

The deep father idol is in center of village. Large hide cut in shape of mantaray dead splayed out manta ray and 2 dead octopuses tied together on the altar. The father smacks daughter in head with a scepter and we all spring into action.

As if things couldn’t get any worse… the darklake begins to bubble and a HUGE demon emerges and beings destroying Kua-toa and basically anything in his path.

Raethios, Lutharius, and Darren all become stricken with madness. Darren begins to flee in terror while Lutharius and Raethios sink into the depths of their mind, riddled with madness. Effects last for 6 minutes and 1 level of madness lasts until dispelled or otherwise removed.

Valarn adeptly uses his mage hand to trip Darren, who falls on his face and is knocked back to reality. Ront and Eldeth have to grab Lutharius and Raethios who are helpless. Valarn runs to the treasure hut to grab loot but Jimjar comes running out with the loot instead.

Everyone makes a mad dash for the keel-boats on the far side of the village. Before we are able to get in the boats, one of the demons large tentacles crashes into a nearby dock destroying it and causing wave that almost knocks Darren head-long into the darklake, where some flesh eating mantarays are eagerly waiting. Valarn casts featherfall and we are able to grab him.

Our options for escape are:
Neverled grove is roughly 120 miles of lake travel and additional of 24 land travel.
Alternative – go to gracklstuh, 96miles of lake travel and 12 days of land travel.

We all decide to go to Gracklstuh.

End of session

XP = 650 each

That's not good - Session 3

Yes. This is the session that we learned that our traveling companion Shushar is the underdark version of the big Lebowski.

That's not good - Session 3

Forgive my errors previously, this post reflects true travel on the Darklake

Between the two teams on each boat you can row at a rate of 1.5 MPH. You can do this by rotating PCs and NPCs for 8 hours per day. Any more than that and you get to Forced March rules.
However…it appears the rise of the demon has altered the stillness of the Darklake. Animal grazing patterns have been upset and now there is a mild current from this disturbance. If you swap between rowing and using the currents when convenient (assuming a 24 hour day rotation) Shuusar figures you can get to Gracklstugh in 5 days. If you just take 8 hour days, this would increase to 15 days.

For every 4 hours I make a roll for a random encounter. If you choose to run split 24 hour shifts only PCs on duty would be “ready” to deal with what comes. Others would have to be wakened, cutting into Long/Short Rests and the like. If you just run one 8 hour shift, all would be ready when danger strikes.

This is a risk/reward decision you all have you make. Hopefully I’ve not made it too convoluted. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Re: Shuusar, I imagine his reaction to his hometown getting destroyed was something like this:


That's not good - Session 3

Valarn’s Journal, Day 6

An unknown cave in the Underdark

After the dramas of the hook horrors and gnolls, we needed a rest.
Normal night, usual grunts of reply from Ront to my questions.

Day 7

The lands of the Kuo-Toa, near Sloopidoop.
Fascinating! The politics of the Kuo-Toa is every bit as fractious as the elven equivalent, although a fair bit more bloody and short tempered.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. At the start of the day, I talked to Buppido, who seems a very interesting fellow. The Derro homeland sounds like a fascinating place, if a little punishing on the lungs to us surface dwellers! I must try to research a spell which would allow me to travel there.

Our conversation was rudely interrupted by a strange octopus thing which tried to capture Stool. I had no idea that octopodes have a penchant for mushroom! How odd. Are there even fungi that grow underwater? I must make a study. I reasoned that if I used a web spell on it, given the number of its legs, that it would end up being twice as tied up as the average quadruped and so it proved, luckily. It soon fell victim to a bout of target practice, rather like that delicious looking ochre jelly the other day. This time, we actually stop to harvest the body of the beast, and I must say I’m looking forward to a calamari based feast later. Finally a meal with no need for taste illusions!

We hurry onward, and finally we meet some of Sluushar’s kind, but sadly it turns out that diplomacy is not one of their strong points. This is particularly true as Raethios’s bloodthirstiness once again gets the better of him and he shoots one of them in the knee, just as Lutharius and I are about to talk them into not fighting. Although they’re still trying to enslave us and use us as offerings to the Deep Father at this stage which is slightly perturbing. Whoever he is, perhaps an early forebear of their kind? A great grandfather? Well, we kill half of them and then I manage to persuade the rest of them to follow me. Oh, I disguised myself as their leader for this. It was mainly to check their level of credulity. Which seemed low.

Although, this experiment was cruelly cut short when another group of Kuo-Toa turned up and slaughtered the lot of them! Apparently there is a theological schism that their civilisation is currently labouring under. They do not debate like us, however, but instead beat each others’ brains out. More final than the ways I’m used to, and certainly faster than the decades that it sometimes takes high elves to come to a decision. Or centuries in academic circles.

The schism in question seemed to relate to the deity that the two factions preferred. The newcomers advocate worship of the Great Mother. I wonder if she and the Deep Father are married? I must ask Sluushar for information on their full pantheon.

Day 8

On a Keelboat, the Darklake

Having now seen the Deep Father, I must say I’m now leaning towards siding with the Great Mother in future. The male deity of the Kuo-Toa seems to be a demon, and doesn’t really have the best of intentions towards his worshippers. He’s not exactly benevolent, like most of the gods in the daylight lands. Indeed, I can’t see any real benefit in worshipping him at all, as he seemed to indiscriminately kill any living being he came across. Suffice to say that the Great Mother worshippers’ plan didn’t really work, and now I am unable to research the Kuo-Toa any further, beyond my existing primary source of Sluushar. Shame.

On the bright side, we did escape with our lives, although Darren got into a couple of scrapes as usual. He can be a bit accident prone.
Ah well, on to Gracklstugh, there should be plenty of research to be done there. The Dwergar! I’m looking forward to many opportunities for increasing knowledge about this enigmatic race.

That's not good - Session 3

Julio, unfortunately your youtube link didn’t work. If I had to guess though I would say that Shushar’s reaction to him home getting destroyed would be something like this.


That's not good - Session 3

it worked for me. it was the scene when the dude and walter were on the ledge by the ocean. walter was scattering donnie’s ashes and the dude freaks out. :D

That's not good - Session 3

Fuck it man. Let’s go bowling.

That's not good - Session 3

Haha. Also I don’t recall mentioning but you all have been awarded Inspiration for surviving the Rise of the Demon.

That's not good - Session 3
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