Out of the Abyss

I left Gracklestugh and All I got was this lousy glass eye - Session 7

Recaps and planning


Heres my crappy notes :D

Still fighting
Darren percieves something in the circle

Raethios finds the invisible derro
Narrak hits raethios with hex and eldrich blast
Hex’s raethios with disadvantage on dex saves

Defeat the two headed giant.
Valarn casts mage hand and searches narrak and finds a short sword, not magical
Everyone searches the cave for loot, nothing of note.

Valarn & guano find Droki
We run around to cut him off at the crossroads
Valarn casts suggestion and tells him to come with us to the captain of the guard, he complies

We go back to town. Turn in droki. Morric gets his boots, valarn takes some of his books/scrolls.
We get to buy supplies up to $300gp each.
Raethios buys 4 healing potions, spending $100 of his own gold.
King dude lets us pass in his town unhindered until we leave.
Take a long rest and do some other town stuff.
Valarn goes to see the stone people and gives them some artifacts.
They agree to help slow the drow who are chasing us.

Were off through the tunnels to nederland grove

Nothing happens on day 1.

Day 2 find tunnel with strong odor of gas
Have to baktrack 4 hours because of a tunnel filled with gas
Fought a carrion crawler

Day 3 moving at a fast pace to make up time

Find some ruins.
Discover a glass eye. Discerns that it was cosmetic.
Morric finds a dawnbringer sword that is magical. It asks if he will bring light to the darkness.

Day 4
Fast pace
No incident

Day 5
Fast pace

Ran into some goblins
Killed them

Met some moon elf lady who says shes escaped from drow
Lutharius sees if shes fey, demon, etc. – shes not
Valarn sees if she is magical – she is not
Made camp
Found fresh water and fish

825 xp for adventure


Your notes are not crappy. They are usually at least 99% accurate, short and to the point. We need that. Valarn will add his embellishment on it later, we need that too.

Between the two of you the whole story is laid out in perfect harmony. Historians will tell tales of our adventures and centuries from now movies will be made about us thanks to you and Valarn.


Sorry not to have done Valarn’s journal yet, I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I’m actually going to run a game myself on Monday evenings, starting half an hour earlier than this one. I’m going to run the new Storm Giant’s Thunder adventure, if anyone is interested. I’m just drafting a post for FG now. Looking for lots of RP!


Agree they are not crappy notes at all. They help me quite a bit.

Wish I could join Valarn but that is the night of my irl game.

Also I’m going to have to postpone this Wednesdays game. Packing is a bit overwhealming but I should be in the new place by next Wednesday with no further issues!


dang…. would love to join faz, but i only have 1 night available for RPG stuff :(


Yeah, I just came from the FG Forums and seen your post there Valarn. I had to give you props. I am in a game already on Mondays also so I won’t be able to join you. I don’t think you will have much trouble finding enough players though.

Julio, moving just sucks. I am sorry and wish you the best of luck. Sucks we won’t be playing this week to /cry I will be looking forward to next week.

Where do we stand now on trying to find another player to join us? Did we decide yay or nay on that? Personally I would like to see another player in the group, especially if we can find someone who wants to play a healer.


I’m ok either way – we can probably get by without but it’ll be easier with a cleric or druid to take up the healing slack. Although it’d be interesting to see how we do without!


It might just me the MMO player in me but I always have this strong gut feeling that every group NEEDS a healer. It’s kind of like a football team (American) without a quarterback. It just doesn’t work. Or a football team (rest of the world version) without a goaltender or goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…

Morric, (rolled a 5 on Insight) believes this beautiful surface elf wholeheartedly. He and Dawnbringer is ready to defend her to the death.

Jerric, however thinks the party is in a lot of trouble and should murder her on the spot and get out of Dodge before the drow that are using her as bait can spring their trap. I think we are in for a fight upon our return to the underdark.

Or perhaps, she is who/what she says she is and somehow managed to escape and make it this far all on her own. But unbeknownst to her she managed to stay just far enough ahead of the drow to lead them not only to her but to us as well effectively killing two birds with one stone.


Valarn trusts her having used detect magic on her and seen that she’s not ensorceled. She may be brainwashed I suppose.

I’ve read quite a lot of threads about whether you need a dedicated healer in 5e and the consensus is an overwhelming No you don’t, unless you’re just meeting every threat head on, murderhobo style. So with paladin and ranger heals we may be ok for a bit, but I understand your trepidation!

Shame none of the NPCs are healers.

Thanks for the props on my thread!


I have the cable company coming out tomorrow morning to connect the internet so we should be good. I’ll advise if any issue on my end


Apologies for not posting Valarn’s journal, I’ve been a bit busy writing stuff for my campaign that’s starting!

Also – more apologies – I have a job interview at 10am on Thursday and would like to get to bed by 3am at the latest so I’ll have to leave an hour before our regular stopping time (which is 4am for me). Sorry about that.


Here’s the journal – not as detailed as usual, but that’s probably a blessing!

Valarn’s Journal, continued

These derro are crazy! They go invisible then the reappear only to get slaughtered by us. I’d have run away myself. We killed another of the two headed monsters and I found a lot of little models of them. Hmm, these may be important.

So then Guano relayed where Droki was and we managed to find him. I suggested that he come to the captain who was in a forgiving mood, and he went along with it! So the captain was pleased. He gave us all Droki’s belongings, including the nice boots that Morric wanted. How they fit his large feet is beyond me. He even said we could meet the king.

Then I went back to the stoneseeker, and gave him the little giant models. He was really pleased and said we could stay if we wanted. We didn’t really want to, but they were so grateful that they’ll slow down the priestess who’s nearly caught up to us now.

Day a lot, plus 1
After a last night in a comfortable bed, we went to see the king! All his attendants had the day off it seemed, but he was pretty nice for a duergar. He kind of said thank you through gritted teeth.

Then we set off again to find Stool’s home.

The next few days passed in a blur. We found a room full of nasty gas and then we had to go backwards again. I would have been up for experimenting with the gas, but I didn’t think I should mention it.
We fought a strange scavenging beast, and then the next day found some ruins.

I discovered some amazing dead insects in a pouch! It seems that they are from different times and places, even though we’re in the Underdark. Raethios found a glass eye, and Morric found a talking sword, but the beetles are pretty amazing.

The next day, after killing some goblins for breakfast, we met a nice elf lady who is travelling with us. I’m glad we were able to help her. We’ve even got fish for dinner!


I’m really really sorry but the internet is not up at house. They are working on it but will not have it up today. Let’s bag this week and I’m hoping I’ll have it back soon. Otherwise heads will roll.

Will keep you all posted.


hey guys – as much as i hate to do this, but i will not be able to complete this campaign. i have got some other things going on IRL and will not be able to commit. i have had a blast so far battling demons and derro. Hope you guys have fun. feel free to hmu on FG.


That’s really unfortunate thoringard. You’ll be missed.

Now we are three (plus GM) how did the rest of you want to proceed. I’m tempted to bag the campaign given all the scheduling bad luck we’ve had. Please let me know what the rest of you think.


It’s up to you Julio – personally I think it’d be a great shame if we didn’t finish it, it’s been great fun and a pleasure playing with you all and I for one would like to continue.

We’d have to recruit though, which should be possible?


I’m all for seeing this thing through. I agree with Faza though, we will definitely have to recruit now to continue. I’m sure we could find a couple people willing to jump in at our current lvl. I know if I was looking for a Wed. game I would jump at the chance to get in, even if it was well in progress.

“IF” you feel that the game should be scraped, I hope it is only to start it over fresh. Although it would be kind of a bummer to rerun everything from day one, I would do it all again to see this through. But again I would prefer to keep going. Either way lets not end this.


Thorin, you will be missed. I really enjoyed gaming with you.


I’m going to shut the game down. In addition to the scheduling issues I’ve had a major disruption at work that is going to eat a lot of my time. I thank you guys for playing it has been a real pleasure. I hope to see you all down the road!


Sorry to hear that Julio. I hope you get your work disruptions sorted out soon and settle into your new place. Hope to see you on the flipside for some shenanigans.


And a pleasure to play with the rest of you too. To the ever filling plane of lost games with us all!

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